Emery’s Texas Tech Senior Photos

So, this girl has been my best friend for at least 8 years. We met in our sophomore year of high school. We had P.E.  together and we bonded over how much we hated it! I quickly became a part of her family as much as she became a part of mine. People asked us if we are sisters, and we actually got asked that over the weekend taking this photos! Haha! 

Me and her mom drove together up to Lubbock from Austin, which is a long SIX hour drive. Ugh. It was SO. LONG. When we got there Emery took us to the First Friday Art Show Downtown where we saw this adorable yellow door and I made her run across the street and pose for it! There was a dog upstairs barking at us the whole time! 

 Look how cute she is!

Look how cute she is!

The next day we went around town and did some shopping, eating and Margaritas! 🍹 (Ya’ll I had NO idea I could insert emojis and I’m too excited about it!) After our awesome Margaritas and Fajitas at Alburron’s we went and started the shoot!

We started this AMAZING session at the University’s Greenhouse. We couldn’t get in so we did them on the grounds that are so pretty. Probably about 10 minutes into shooting Texas decided to release some rain on us. Luckily it wasnt bad and we were able to continue!

After the Gardens we went around Campus and took some photos of her in her cap and gown! The campus is beautiful and was a great space to take photos of this shining graduate! 

So what I would to say was my FAVORITE part of this session was Emery trying to open and spray a bottle of champagne! HAHA! Holy crap it was amazing and hilarious and is for sure a pinterest fail.  

After the fight with the Champagne we headed downtown for some colorful fun ones! 


Emery has taken a lot of time and effort into this degree of hers. She is graduating with a degree in Natural Resource Managment with a focus in Wildlife Biology. She moved to Lubbock from Austin which was a HUGE step. She left her Best Friend behind but we FaceTime almost every day. I miss you Emery! Cant wait to see you walk across that stage! 



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