Take a minute and Imagine your future wedding day. The beautiful floral arrangements, the location, your dress, the suits, the rings, the invitations. The smile you have on your face when the love of your life sees you for the first time. Now imagine if you didn't have anyone there to capture these precious fleeting moments. Terrifying right? That is why I am here. My goal is to get the photos that you didn't notice you were getting photographed. I am here to be your documentarian of the most special day of your life. 

Pronounced Kay- lawnie, my name is Hawaiian in origin but I am not even close to being Hawaiian myself. I started my photography business in 2014 when this man I worked with saw my passion and hung my talent up on his walls. He pushed me into not giving up. Six years after that we got married! Funny enough, three weeks before covid shut down the world recently. After our engagement, everyone kept asking, "Well then, who is going to photograph your wedding? And that is when I can say I honestly began to understand every bride that starts the planning process. 


a little bit about

my top ten

Anywhere where my family is, which includes Dominican Republic, Utah, Ohio and Chicago. 

Favorite place


When I am not photographing your wedding, you can find me in either my moms kitchen, my dads couch or my sisters car. They are my world  

My family 


That's Me!

Bella Bear and Dacey Mae. My children with fur and paws. The definition of unconditional love and (almost) free therapy. We love cuddling. 

My fur babies


Crime Junkie, The Office, expensive wine and Schitt's Creek. Especially this scene, right here. 

guilty pleasure


My favorites are Super Tuscans
and anything full bodied and red. I enjoy wine best when learning about why that bottle tastes different than the other and when i'm sharing it with good company and good food. 

my wine


want my wine list?

My wonderful husband, Adam. He is my biggest supporter. Look how handsome he is!

my favorite person


"Eat, Pray, Love" Hands down saved my life. Read it as teen and it changed my perspective of the world. 

my top book


In Austin, Wu Chow and Homeslice. In Utah, Logan's Hero's and in Mexico, La Palapa 

my top restaurants


It honestly teters between The "Moulin Rouge" and "The Breakfast Club". I can't decide between the Romantics of the red windmill or the high school drama in the library. 

my top movie


Handwritten vows. They get me  crying every single time. 

my favorite part of my  job


My kind of couple 

I love a good sense of humor to keep us on our toes. We love making you and your loved ones laugh to get that perfect smile. And we will laugh with you! 

sense of humor 


I am there to capture the one of the most important days in your life. When you can trust us we thrive and get the best photographs for you. 



Nothing says beautiful Wedding Day like two madly in love people. When theres love in the air, your photos will naturally show that love. 

strong love


Your wedding day is about joy, love and celebration. It's not just about the florals, music, shoes or the dress or suit you're wearing (I mean maybe a little bit about the dress) its about connecting and promising each other till death do you part. In sickness and in health. Your day is about starting forever together and I am here to capture those little moments that when strung together create the happiest day of all the days.
It's only one day, but it's YOUR day, so lets make it magical. 

WHO are 

I  love couples who love to travel because I love to travel too! Ask me about my destination wedding packages!

Adventurous spirit


xoxo, Keilany 

keilany k 


Does this sound like you?

If this sounds like you then tell me how you met or how the proposal went and let's schedule a time  to get to know each other better! 

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